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Security is everyone’s concern…

but it’s our business.

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President Eduardo Roque  is a 33 Year veteran of the City of Miami Police Department, with extensive experience in the field Digital Evidence Recovery and analysis. Additional law enforcement / security training include: Graduate of the Southeast Florida Institute of Criminal Justice, Expert in the field of Gang Awareness and Prosecution, Dignitary Protection, Ocean System Digital Evidence Forensics, Resolution Video Digital Evidence Recovery,Special Security Operations, Executive Protections, Emergency Response to Terrorism & Crisis Management, Active Shooter.
ERSC and their associate companies  employs a group of professionals with extensive knowledge and training. 

We design, install and service high quality security systems for homes and businesses. The company’s mission is to provide a range of flexible, state-of-the-art security products and services that serve a wide range of security clients from homeowners to security directors for multi-site international applications. ERSC offers professional Event Security for Entertainment and Sporting Events.


Our Team

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Service & Maintenance

Complete Maintenance On Your Existing System All Designed To Help Your Company Reach It's Potential. Whether You're Looking For A Small Tweak Or Complete Overhaul, Of Your Security We Have You Covered. Our Services Are Available A La Carte So You Can Get Precisely What You Need.

Digital Surveillance Specialists


 ERSC is dedicated to designing commercial systems that help security and facility directors handle the increasing complexity of security networks, derive beneficial information from their security systems and deliver unique security solutions.

ERSC’s goal is to provide you with the technical expertise and experience necessary to offer you the most flexible solution. Our solution will permit you the growth you require and enhance the features that make your property unique.

      Security Consulting


  • Medium And Large Businesses

  • Small Businesses

  • Public And Private Companies

  • Service Companies

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Recovery Of Digital Evidence For Civil Litigation

  • Video Processing And Enhancement

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Virtual Security Guards

One of the latest innovations in the industry, Virtual Security Officer services combine the benefits of technology and a physical security guard presence. We’ve integrated our traditional video surveillance with Two-Way Audio and rigorous guard protocol to create a Virtual Security Officer system that is hyper-efficient. If something does go wrong, we have the ability to provide instantaneous video verification to law enforcement and clients, reducing false alarms and response times, and providing easy access to recorded footage in the event of litigation. We can even work to convert an existing system, making sure your business and employees are safe 24/7, no matter what the scenario.

Video Surveillance systems are no longer just used to look back at an incident and determine “What happened?”. Video technologies are being used to proactively protect your property from forced-entry, theft, arson, vandalism, or loitering with professional Video Surveillance Monitoring services. Monitoring your property improves police response with immediate notifications and expert visual verification. Your virtual security guard can also delay or deter intruders with one-way and two-way “talk-down” communication technologies.


Commercial and Residential Alarm Systems

Emergency Response Security












E.R.S can offer different forms of alarm response with our officers. The type and level of investigation at the location of alarm activation can be tailored to meet your individual needs. A professionally trained security officer from E.R.S, who does a thorough perimeter check of a property for signs of a break-in, vandalism or trespassing, will be able to provide a more accurate assessment of an alarm call. Our officers are specifically trained in alarm response, most of them coming from either a law enforcement or military background.

E.R.S Alarm Response provides the added benefit of insulating alarm owner from expensive false alarm fines imposed by law enforcement.

E.R.S offers the most effective type of alarm response available to its customers. Remember, a monitored alarm system without reliable alarm response means that no one may respond, or, if someone does respond, it may be hours later and it might be done without a thorough investigation.

If you couple a Security Officer, with our Variable Time Security (VTS) patrols, you have the added benefit of an officer that is on patrol in your area, ready to respond at a moment’s notice in the event your alarm is activated.

E.R.S will also install and monitor your security cameras 24/7 with a qualified, trained security guard that can dispatch a Security Officer to any location on a moment’s notice A Properly trained and prepared officer, on patrol in your area, prepared to respond to your alarm emergency. E.R.S is an affordable solution to protect your property, and more importantly, the lives of you and your loved ones.

Our response services are designed to provide you and your property the security and peace of mind you deserve. E.R.S. is a fully licensed and insured Investigative and Security Company providing response to alarm calls.

When E.R.S. receives a call indicating a tripped alarm, our 24/7 Central Dispatch Office deploys one of our highly trained vehicle patrol officers to respond. Our response vehicles equipped with GPS software that tracks and monitors our vehicles on patrol. This enables us to dispatch the closest patrol unit and allows the officer in the vehicle to quickly navigate to the alarm site.

 Our officer will inspect the business, home or building to identify the cause of the alarm. If a threat or break-in is detected, the officer will immediately notify law enforcement and stand-by until the issue is resolved.


  • Exterior inspection of your facility; check your property for signs of break-in or damage

  • Check all building perimeters on your property

  • Interior inspection of critical areas of your property, if desired

  • Check all doors and windows for security breaches

  • Activate, Reset or deactivate alarms


    Eliminate False Alarm Fees: Most alarm activations are verified by calling the premises to speak with a designated representative or contact person. If the dispatcher is unable to verify that the alarm is false, they adhere to emergency call-out procedures. When the appointed responder is the local police department and they respond to a false alarm, false alarm fees can be imposed. However, if E.R.S. is the appointed responder, our officer would arrive to inspect the premises, they would contact authorities if they determine the alarm to be valid. Our officer would complete a full report on their findings whether false or valid. 

    Quicker Response Time: Alarm calls placed to law enforcement are filtered by priority at the time they are received. Sometimes this can increase the time that law enforcement takes to respond. However, E.R.S. gives immediate attention to these calls, they are priority for us. Our response times are often better than law enforcement, without the risk of penalties or fines. 


Our Customers

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West Miami Police Department

Chief  Carlos Avila 786-285-8451


Barry University (Miami Shores)

Kevin Curran

Public Safety
11300 NE 2nd Ave

Miami Shores, FL 33161
[email protected]


City of Miami PBA

Richard Cosner 


City of Miami Fire Fighters and Police Trust 

Dania Orta

(305) 301-1017

Immaculate- La Salle High School

Gaston Arellano  305-588-2047

Director of Campus Operations

3601 S. Bayshore Drive

Miami, Fl

El Conquistador Condo Association

c/o First Service Residential 

Yadira Sobral Manager

[email protected]

Carmel at the California Club

Nilda Perez

(305) 331-5010



786-785-ERSC (3372)



Coral Gables

Coconut Grove

Miami Beach


South Miami







Palm Beach

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Melvin Galdamez Project Manager; Mr. Galdamez has extensive experience in the field of management and has been trained in the installation of security cameras and network configurations. Mr. Galdamez has been with our company since its inception and has been praised for his work ethics.    

Joaquin Garcia- Tunon is a retired law enforcement officer from Miami-Dade with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He is an expert in the field of video forensics, he has processed hundreds of cases, including examinations, comparisons, and evaluations of video in legal matters. He has extensive experience in the acquisition and preparation of video evidence for investigative and prosecution purposes. After years of intense training, he successfully completed the Certification as a Forensic Video Analyst before the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association Certification Committee (LEVA). His 29 years of experience with the criminal element and with hundreds of CCTV systems puts him in a unique position to consult in security matters, as well as, the design and implementation of security systems tailored for each individual situation.
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